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Since 1998 our company has assisted buyers and sellers in the Australian food, beverage and travel industries ~ we do this through providing exhibition locations, logistical support for businesses and professional staffing services.

Consumer & Trade Buyer

Australian Wine & Food operates food, beverage & travel events for both general consumers and trade buyers. Our events are complimentary offering the opportunity to sample and buy direct from the producer or owner. We provide regular tasting opportunities for buyers to attend – please view calendar for upcoming event dates and locations.

Producer & Seller

Australian Wine & Food operates consumer and trade shows on behalf of our client. Upcoming Australian Wine & Food activities to participate in can be viewed below. Australian Wine & Food provides a professional face to face sales service connecting clients with buyers. Clients benefit from our team’s experience and the relationships with buyers developed over the past sixteen years.

Upcoming Events

Australian Wine & Food events operate from 12 midday to 6pm – please contact Dale Thomson or Kevin Nolan for further information.
Link for exhibitor information – AWF EVENT INFORMATION
For detailed information please take the web-link via each event location.

2015 Events Calendar


23rd Wednesday & 24th Thursday – 360 Elizabeth Street
25th Friday – 8 Exhibition Street


22nd Thursday & 23rd Friday – 367 Collins Street


17th Tuesday & 18th Wednesday – 181 William & 550 Bourke Street
19th Thursday & 20th Friday – 595 Collins Street
25th Wednesday & 26th Thursday – 80 Collins Street
27th Friday – 628 Bourke Street


1st Tuesday – 120 Collins Street
2nd Wednesday & 3rd Thursday – 360 Elizabeth Street
4th Friday – 150 Collins Street
8th Tuesday – 333 Collins Street
9th Wednesday & 10th Thursday – Freshwater Place
11th Friday – Citiport
15th Tuesday – Vantage
16th Wednesday & 17th Thursday – 600 Bourke Street
18th Friday – 8 Exhibition Street

Contact Details 

Please call to discuss how we can assist.
Dale Thomson – Owner – – 0417 165 318
Kevin Nolan – Owner – – 0407 534 268
ABN – 73 081 292 999
Link for company legal information – AWF LEGAL INFORMATION

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