Sale & Return Conditions

Sale & Return conditions for 800g Puddings 2019/20

  1. All orders are to be placed before the end of November 2019, this allows time for the puddings to be sold and for re-orders if required.
  1. The Best Before Date on the puddings will be into 2021, if you do have puddings remaining it would be appreciated if you could keep some for Christmas in July 2020, as we receive many phone queries about where customers can buy our puddings for Christmas in July.
  1. Additional orders for Melbourne will be accepted up until 2pm Thursday 19 December. Our last delivery run will be Friday 20 December, so your orders will need to be received by 2pm Thursday 19
  1. Interstate orders are reliant on the courier getting them to you on time and as we all know they are overloaded at Christmas time and the closer to Christmas we are the slower the couriers are. We will get your order out same day or next business day and then it is in the hands of the courier.

Monday 16 December is the cut off time for interstate re-orders.

  1. Please keep the pudding delivery cartons for any pudding returns to assist with transport and recycling.
  2. Please ensure returned puddings have no price tags or stickers on them and are returned in good condition.
  1. Collection of the unsold Puddings will be during the week following Australia Day 2020 It would be appreciated if the puddings could be displayed until collection to maximise sales and reduce the returns.
  1. All invoices must be paid by the end of February or a late fee will apply. The late fee of 10% will be added every month until the invoice is paid.