Consumer Research

The Australian Wine & Food Company works with clients to conduct consumer-focused research that captures usable information to increase sales. During event activities or contracted demonstrations, we employ our expertise in gauging consumers attitudes to a product, through use of functional questionnaires and face-to-face exposure to products.

It is well known that stated consumer behavior for purchasing in reality translates to a lesser portion of actual sales. Therefore businesses must bolster all positive attributes towards their products to translate stated purchasing activity into confirmed purchasing behavior.

Through exposing our clients’ products to potential consumers, our company can gauge consumers attitudes towards certain attributes and benefits of a product and ascertain a consumers’ stated purchasing intentions.

Given the increasing variety of food categories – conventional, organic, genetically modified or functional food types – companies need to clearly identify where their products fit and how accurately this information is perceived by consumers and translated to consistent purchasing behavior.

Following consultation with your organisation’s marketing and product development areas, our company will assist in identifying consumer-related factors that influence purchasing decisions for your product. We will conduct on-site meetings to decide on the best manner in which to collect information, then implement trhe data collection during our events, and compile reports to facilitate the growth and development of your products.