Contracted Sales Service

With such imposing demands on industry, many businesses do not have the in-house resources, time or expertise to present their products to the market.  Right of entry into the expansive food and wine industry is often a laborious, time consuming and expensive process.

Australian Wine & Food provides professional sales representatives on behalf of clients. This contracted service allows businesses, in conjunction with our company, to select specific market areas that require development. In agreement with our client we contact potential customers over the telephone, in person, and through letter-writing.

Our role in sales representation for a client is answering questions from potential customers, and developing trust – which is central to any purchaser/vendor relationship. Our sales representatives have information at their disposal that allows them to demonstrate to the potential client that we understand the product.

Australian Wine & Food’s sales representatives must first and foremost be confident with their knowledge of our client’s product lines.

Before sales representation begins, we undergo a process of understanding the client’s products and services and develop a sales strategy to target the client’s potential markets.

An Australian Wine & Food sales representation schedule will be decided upon through negotiation with our client. We will establish a clear understanding of budget and priority targets, and effectively keep our clients in touch with sale activities.

Australian Wine & Food can strategically assist food and beverage producers to develop and establish sales penetration within a specific Australian market place. The key to our success lies in the business relationships we have built and nurtured with both national and international buyers.  Access to these links enables us to utilise and create a unique sales avenue for Australian producers and manufacturers.

We offer a professional and structured sales strategy for small-to-medium sized businesses across Australia. Our service enables our clients to connect with their prospective customer base, thus rewarding our clients with increased sales results and a thorough understanding of their target market.

The growing list of clients serviced by AWFC includes: Toscana Olive Oils, Gourmet Blends, Vanguard Luxury Brands, Island Curries, Jalna Dairy, Whispering Hills Vineyard, Nicholson Fine Foods and Mount Alexander Winery.

Our unique approach to achieving client satisfaction and focussed strategy to determine success sets AWFC apart from other general industry consultants.

The strategy involves analysis of a client’s current financial budgets and market position, enabling and recommending an approach for responsible growth and a coordinated implementation of that identified approach.

Under the recognised banner of the Australian Wine & Food Company (est. 1998) our specialists will provide AWFC clients with personification in the marketplace.

Our business consultancy process involves:

1. Facilitate sales to appropriate manufacturers, retailers, independents and group buyers.

2. Weekly phone conferences to report on the progress of sales development.

3. Monthly reports highlighting sales and market development.

4. Development of a wider customer database for clients to utilise.

5. Advice on beneficial marketing and trade events to established new market locations.

Our business directors, Dale Thomson, Kevin Nolan & Mark Goddard – together have over fifty years experience within the food and beverage industry around Australia and overseas. Our experienced team enable ongoing relationships between producers and buyers, resulting in ongoing sales.

For your peace of mind, the Australian Wine & Food Company provides these clients services under the security of current 20 million public and product liability insurance coverage Australia wide.

AWFC consultancy pricing provides flexibility for clients in terms of their budget, with the following fee structure to be used as a guide:

1. One month contract, $2200 inc GST per month, $550 inc GST per week and a negotiated % of ongoing sales.

2. Two month contract, $1750 inc GST per month, $440 inc GST per week and a negotiated % of ongoing sales.

3. Three month contract, $1510 inc GST per month, $380 inc GST per week and a negotiated % of ongoing sales.

4. Four month contract, $1390 inc GST per month, $350 inc GST per week and a negotiated % of ongoing sales.

5. Five month contract, $1330 inc GST per month, $333 inc GST per week and a negotiated % of ongoing sales.

6. Six month contract, $1300 inc GST per month, $325 inc GST per week and a negotiated % of ongoing sales.

Payments structures can be agreed upon to assist with business cashflow.

The above service guarantees eight hours of client focussed time – averaging twelve buyer contacts per week.

AWFC aim is to increase our client’s business profitability in a cost effective and tailored manner. The first step of our process is to gain an understanding of your business, via a specific list of questions and with our personal approach to getting to know you.

Once a business decides to utilise our consultancy service we forward a “contract of services” in combination with a “commission of sales percentage agreement”, which is applicable for a specified period of time. After recieving this contract and an initial payment we then work towards building your Australian products’ profile and market share.

Please call to discuss Australian Wine & Food’s Consultancy Services at your convenience.

Remember the basis for AWFC’s success relies upon identifying the gaps in client’s current sales and marketing programs and implementing strategies to initiate and increase sales within a planned budget.

We look forward to helping your company continue to contribute to the Australian Wine and Food industry and reach its full potential.