The Australian Wine & Food Company provides a succesful demonstration service to clients by promoting products in-store or during events. Our approach firstly involves understanding our clients product to ensure accuracy and maximum benefits from the demonstration.

Our demonstrators promote sales of a product to consumers, while product promoters try to induce retail stores to sell particular products and market them effectively. Product demonstration is an effective technique used to both introduce new products, or promote sales of current products, because it allows face-to-face interaction with potential customers.

Demonstrators attract an audience by offering samples, administering contests, distributing prizes, and using direct-mail advertising. They must greet and catch the attention of possible customers and quickly identify those who may be interested. They inform and educate customers about the features of products and demonstrate their use to inspire confidence in the product and its manufacturer. They may sell the demonstrated merchandise, or gather names to contact at a later date or to pass on to sales staff.

Some demonstrations are intended to generate immediate sales through impulse buying, while others are considered an investment to generate future sales and increase brand awareness.

Demonstrations and product promotions are conducted in retail and grocery stores, shopping malls, trade shows and outdoor fairs. Locations are selected based on both the nature of the product and the type of audience. Demonstrations at large events may require teams of demonstrators to efficiently handle large crowds.

Demonstrators and product promoters may be involved in transporting, assembling, and disassembling materials used in demonstrations, as well as participating in the design of an exhibit or customising exhibits for particular audiences. Results obtained by demonstrators and product promoters are analysed, and presentations are adjusted to make them more effective.

Opportunities to be involved in major shopping centre VIP evenings through allows mass exposure through product giveaways and marketing opportunities.

Demonstrations can be between 2 hours up to 5 hours with pricing as follows:

Minimum charge 4 hours @ $44 inc. GST – we pay our staff a minimum 4 hours. This pricing includes set up, pack down, ancillaries & demonstration report.

  • 2 hours demonstration – $176 inc GST
  • 3 hours demonstration – $176 inc GST
  • 4 hours demonstration – $176 inc GST + 1 hour staff travel time = $220 inc GST
  • 5 hours demonstration – $220 inc GST + 1 hour staff travel time = $264 inc GST

Please call Dale Thomson on Mob: 0417 165 318 for further details.