Telemarketing & Email Marketing

The Australian Wine & Food Company provides telemarketing email marketing services to clients on a short-term or long-term basis.

Their are significant benefits to out-sourcing this crucial area of business operation, as the cost of establishing these services in-house is often prohibitive for businesses, causing neglect.

Through the appointment of a contracted specialist, with the capacity to apply these services for distinct periods of time, has been shown to greatly increase a company’s sales – and proves to be cost effective.

Our company’s approach is to understand our clients business and their requirements for implementing either telemarketing or email marketing, then we can advise on the correct approach in terms of script development. Regular reporting will keep your company informed about the implementation of these activities.

Clients require telemarketing services for a number of important reasons:

  • Complement marketing campaigns
  • Increase in store product sales
  • Keep current clients in touch with your business activities
  • Update and ensure currency of client records and databases
  • Establish new clients and qualify sales leads
  • Follow up from previous customer contact