Unique Tasting Event

New World Whisky

David Vitale, our founder, started off with a simple vision; create a uniquely Australian whisky we can offer the world with pride. A modern Australian whisky, elementally matured for three “Melbourne years” in Australian wine barrels, that pushes the boundaries of what whisky can be.

William McHenry & Sons Distillery

McHenry Distillery is Australia’s southern-most whisky distillery in a cool-moist-maritime environment, giving the maturing spirit the right conditions in wooden barrels along with abundant pure spring water. Owner William McHenry, Master Distiller of McHenry’s, has produced gins that are now one of Australia’s most awarded.

Vantage – The Spirit of a Nation

Vantage is an original spirit created in Australia. Light and fresh on the palate, Australian Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries and Australian mandarin oil have been blended to create the unique, crisp taste that is Vantage.

Pud For All Seasons

Pud For All Seasons, renowned supplier of the tastiest gourmet puddings, dessert sauces, and chocolate delicacies for all occasions in Australia. Based in Castlemaine, Pud For All Seasons delivers old favourites and new classics to your door – from mouthwatering traditional Christmas puddings to date and butterscotch, double choc orange, cranberry and white chocolate, and more!

Grampians Olive Estate

Family owned organic grove producing award winning olive oils of exceptional quality & perfectly balanced flavours. Established in 1943 Grampians Olive Co is home to the historic Toscana Olive Plantation. We are 100% family owned and one of the oldest groves in Australia.

Whispering Hills Vineyard

Located in Victoria’s picturesque countryside just an hour from Melbourne’s CBD, Whispering Hills Vineyard is the ideal spot to spend a relaxing afternoon. Family owned and operated. Murray & Marie are passionate about all things wine and food.

Jalna Dairy Foods

Many yoghurts are mass produced using gelatine, colours and food acids. But Jalna is different. Our yoghurt is made the traditional pot set way.
We source the purest milk from our Goulburn Valley dairy farmers. Pour it in a pot with friendly probiotic cultures, pop a lid on and let nature do the rest. Jalna’s unique thick and creamy texture; free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gelatine and colours. All created in the actual pot you buy from a second generation Australian family business.

House of Biskota

Our artisan bakery produces handmade biscuits using only the best ingredients.
Each of our uniquely delicious treats is the perfect expression of handmade quality. Baked daily and served straight from our oven for you to enjoy with your family. You will love the taste and freshness of every bite – one biscuit is never enough! We bake traditional biscuits along with gluten free varieties, so delicious you would never know they were gluten free.


Being one of the oldest sweet treats in the world, Turkish delight has been enjoyed for many centuries gaining a universal reputation for its smooth delicate texture and selection of delicious flavours.  At D’lightful we aim to provide an experience like no other allowing customers to choose their preferred flavours while ensuring our Turkish delights are enjoyed fresh, only possible through small batch production.​​​​

Australian Spirit Company

Crafting things has been a family tradition for generations. Our hope and vision for our small distillery is to experiment and explore the flavours of native, unique and ‘in season’ ingredients. We want to provide high quality, small batch spirits to our local community and to those who like interesting drops. We continuously develop and distill new spirits to share with our friends and customers.

Kilderkin Distillery

At Kilderkin Distillery our focus is on the very best premium gin and whisky. We are dedicated, passionate purists, that have been dreaming about and planning our distillery for a long time. Our stills are designed for lightness of spirit, to produce a smooth and clean drink. Our gins are beautiful neat, on ice or with your favourite mixer. We believe it is possible to design the perfect gin for all occasions.

Otway Pork

We put a lot of love into everything we do. That’s why, we breed our pork outdoors and raise them in straw lined shelters. So, you’ll always have the confidence of serving pork that’s 100% natural, lean and tender. Locally owned and farmed – award winning products and recipes to create your favorite dishes online.